Mount Vernon had their first Wine Festival in 2009 and called it Wine in the Pines. It grew each year, and wineries and guests made an annual pilgrimage to participate in this special event.

After watching the interest in local agriculture grow, we knew it was time to explore this emerging movement.  This year, we will celebrate our local agriculture during Texas Wine Month.  

The Mount Vernon Food and Wine Festival will kick off with an evening under the Texas stars at The Harvest on Main. Neighbors and friends will share local food and drink at a long community table in the heart of downtown Mount Vernon.  

Saturday will bring The Market on Main with grape to bottle wineries that have seriously fabulous chefs. In addition to wine tastings, guests will have the opportunity to observe some of our state's most acclaimed chefs during the multiple cooking demonstrations. Our juried vendors will all have a focus in the culinary arts.  

What's not to love? Throw in some live music and a shopping venue all on the prettiest little plaza in Texas, and you have a recipe which will speak to all your senses.  Bring a friend and enjoy the ultimate fall weekend at the Mount Vernon Food and Wine Festival ... Texas style!!!